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Method of assembly

Cartridge to Housing: The top of the cartridge has guides that marry up with those in the front of the housing ensuring the cartridge is located correctly. Line up the guides and push the cartridge into the housing. It will click when in position. Removal is the reverse action. Hold the housing firmly in one hand and with the finger & thumb of the other hand use the fingernails to pull the cartridge and housing apart. There is a slight indentation in the centre of the housing to make this operation easier.

Module to Housing: Each module has a spring locating button on either end. These match holes in either side of the housing. Hold the module with the microphone facing away from the inside of the housing. Gently push the module into the rear of the instrument until the buttons locate in the side holes of the housing. A click will be heard when these are positioned correctly. Removal is the reverse action. With the harmonica held in both hands, use a finger on each hand to press in the locating buttons. The module should then drop out easily. The Stage Work Module houses an AAA battery and will need to be removed to replace the battery. Ordinarily, there is no need to remove the module other than for maintenance or upgrading from one type to another.

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