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Care of your HarmoniX harmonica

Must do :-

  1. Do rinse the mouth prior to playing the harmonica, ideally with water.
  2. Do tap the harmonica into the palm of the hand after playing to remove excess moisture.
  3. Do let the harmonica stand after use to dry before putting it away.
  4. Do inspect the reed cartridge periodically to ensure the reeds are free to move during normal use.

Must not do:-

  1. Do not place the instrument, or parts of the instrument, in liquid especially when equipped with either of the amplification modules.
  2. Do not share the instrument with other players.
    1. for hygienic reasons.
    2. other players may damage your instrument if they have a different playing style to you.
  3. Do not play the harmonica immediately after eating, food particles may jam the reeds
  4. Avoid prolonged drinking of sugared drinks whilst playing as over a period of time the reeds can become coated. This will deaden, and in severe cases can flatten, the notes played.
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