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Harmonix Harmonica System
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Harmonix Modular Harmonica System


Harmonix Harmonica System

The Harmonix system consists of a wireless UHF receiver and a futuristic, very un-traditional looking harmonica. Harp playing has certainly arrived in the 21st Century with this completely different, innovative and useful addition to any serious gigging harp players collection; it's no gimmick and it certainly doesn't fall into the category of technology for technology’s sake.

The Harmonica itself is made up of a smooth blue, rounded housing into which the cartridge and wireless transmitter/microphone module are clipped. There is also a wired module available that would be useful in a recording studio environment. Cartridges come in all major and minor keys and cost around ten quid, it comes supplied with a cartridge in the key of C.

Setting up the system was pretty simple. The wireless transmitter module needs a small battery (included in the pack) before being clipped into the harmonica housing. The receiver was simply plugged into the mains with the supplied transformer and into the PA with an XLR cable (There is also the option of a ¼” jack connection to use with an amp). Switching the harmonica and the receiver on and adjusting the volumes produced a clean amplified sound. Playing at volume produced no feedback.

It seemed quite strange at first not to be holding a mike and having the cable flapping around. The Harmonix allows much more freedom to be expressive with the instrument without the need to hold a microphone. Once acquainted with the harmonica it is easy to hold and use, the designers at Harmonix seem to have spent a lot of time and energy in re-designing and in some ways re-inventing the harmonica. The initial shock of its radical design is soon overcome by its usability.

Pete Russell.
Blues Matters magazine.
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