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Emit Block Testimonial

Emit Bloch here,

Emit BlochJust wanted you to know that I sought out Richard at Harmonix after testing one of his harps and finding it to be not just a harmonica, but a mutation of that instrument into a multi-faceted stage solution. There are three distinct reasons why I'm now a Harmonix fan - 1) The ease with which one can fit new keys into a neck brace slot is a brilliant re-engineering of a traditional instrument; 2) The rounded mouth piece affords a more painless playability and an ease in bending notes; 3) The electrical aspect means I can create an ethereal / psychedelic / ambient soundscape to accompany my fingerpicking guitar work, then switch back to a raunchy electric blues harmonica sound. This is an instrument that would have an appeal especially to kids and novices that the traditional instrument never would.

Emit Bloch
One Little Indian recording artist.
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