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  Electric Harmonicas
Traditional Electrified Harmonicas.
Electric harmonicas were the first commercially available products designed and patented by haRmonic Solutions. They can be played amplified as well as acoustically. Each harp has a mini microphone embedded in the back face of the instrument. There is a 3.5mm jack socket at one end. The mic capsule is powered by a preamp hooked on your belt which also gives on/off and volume control. Connection from instrument to belt pack is via a cable fitted with 3.5mm jack at one end and a mini XLR at the other. Connection from belt pack to amplifier is with 1/4" jack to jack lead or to PA desk with a regular balanced XLR mic cable.

All regular 10 hole harps and 12 & 16 hole chromatics can be adapted provided the comb is minimum 6.00mm thick.

For a while 10 hole (Lightnin` harp) & 12 hole (Electrachrom 48) instruments were made under license by the Hering company.

Note:- Picture shows preamp fitted with an AKG guitar bug wireless transmitter. (Other makes can also be used)
  • Price of 99.00 includes:-
  • Preamp belt pack,
  • Cable and
  • Conversion of your favorite harmonica.
  • For metal bodied instruments add 35.00.
Part No.DescriptionPrice 
made to order
haRmonic SolutionsPreamp belt pack, cable and harmonica conversion.£99.00IN STOCK
haRmonic SolutionsAdditional cost for metal bodied instrument.£35.00IN STOCK

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