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 Amplification Systems
 Traditional Harmonicas, Electrified
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Twin Microphone System
For the traditionalist, this well proven equipment will reproduce the true sound of the instrument with great clarity and without the inherent feedback so common with other amplification systems. Available in left or right hand models.

Jack Price uses haRmonic Solutions microphones and electric harmonicas.
Listen to a sample of Summertime performed by Jack Price.
More info about Jack Price
Jack Price's Website
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  • Single mic capsule version 75.00.
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Microphone System (Single mic capsule)
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Wireless System
The increasing use of wireless systems has been a great boon to live performance. It has meant freedom on stage to be more dynamic and not to be anchored to one spot because of a cable and yet, still be heard.

haRmonic Solutions instruments and microphones can be made wireless by the use of a bug transmitter and matching receiver. It does not affect the existing equipment and is merely a substitute for the guitar cable normally plugged into the belt pack.

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Chromatic Wireless System
For players wishing to retain the use of their existing non amplified harmonicas, but still wishing to go wireless on stage, there is a new product available, primarily for the chromatic player. It is a transmitter that slides into position on the back of the instrument. It does not affect the instrument and it can be demounted just as quickly to revert back to the regular harmonica use. Powered by an AAA battery, it is supplied with a receiver in a matching frequency.
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 Harmonix Harmonicas - incorporating haRmonic Solutions
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